Practical Autonomous Driving


The FreiCAR class will be offered as a Master-Praktikum in the winter semester 2023/24. In the meantime, please email the leading organizers (see below) for opportunities to work on FreiCAR as part of a research/engineering project (Master project, Hiwi, ...).


If you are eligible to enroll, please click the button below. If the link does not work for you, please Go to HisInOne and sign up for the course: Praktikum am Lehrstuhl Robot Learning | 11LE13P-7302d | Veranstaltung.

Project Scope

This course provides hands-on experience with autonomous driving using a simulated and a corresponding real mobile robotics platform. The platform is based on an RC car that is equipped with multiple sensors and on-board computing. In small groups of students you will be tasked with the evaluation of your own freshly-built car on an indoor track. For participation, you are required to have some prior experience in the area of robotics, e.g. through the "Introduction to Mobile Robotics" course.

The Simulator

The AIS lab developed a custom simulator for FreiCAR, based on the Unreal Simulator and CARLA. We will provide local workstations to run the simulator and solve the coding assignments.

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The Car

The Autonomous Intelligent Systems (AIS) lab developed a 1:8 scale car platform. The sensor setup of the virtual simulator car is equivalent to the real-world setup .

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Niclas Vödisch

Leading Organizer

Martin Büchner

Leading Organizer

Daniel Büscher



Eugenio Chisari


Chair Lead

Abhinav Valada

Head of Robot Learning Lab